Sunday, March 10, 2013

MMORPG SERVICES - power leveling, crafting, map completion, karma grinding etc)


Power leveling (1-58 levels) 10-12 hours for only $55.
This service will take any character (any class or race) to level 56 plus 400/400 on every crafting discipline.

56-80 levels = 25$

1 Million Karma for only $200 (10-12 days)
100k Karma (10-12 hours) $20
We will grind 100,000 Karma on your account, using real players.

Crafting Profession 400/400 = $10 per profession.

Map Completion for only $170
We will complete your world map in any zones you prefer.
Last POI will be saved for you to complete the 100% Map.


Guild Wars 2 Dungeon

500 Dungeon Tokens = $80 (except Arah Shard of Zhaitan)

Arah Shard of Zhaitan
500 Shard of Zhaitan = $60
We accept payment through:
Email or add us on Skype for more info.

Thank you for visiting our blog and please take advantage of our great Guild Wars 2 services.


  1. Very cheap and nice service! friendly customer support and always there keeping me on updates. will use your service again in the future. thanks!

  2. Thanks for your fast and cool service! Lvled my character to 80 in just 12 hours!

  3. Thanks! do you guys sell gold or items?.

  4. Such great services and prices...wish you guys also sell gold.

  5. Can you power level my guardian to 80? I'm on level 32 right now. How much is the cost?

  6. Thanks for farming me 500k karma.! :)
    Good communication and costumer care. They always keeping up to date and really cheap prices. will contact you soon again for some tokens..
    ++reep guys! thanks..!

  7. hi guys, it's me loki thanks for the power leveling service. will use your services again!

  8. OK so here's my review :

    Service ordered: World completion .

    It is always hard to allow someone you dont know to access your account. Even more when the forum is a blog haha .
    Knowing the risk, i took the chance and i really dont regret it. They actually have a really good customer service and they are professional.
    I had a quick reply and the job was done the day after wich is very fast. They are part of those rare on the market that you can trust and arent robber( i mean asking a lot of money for the same thing).

    HIGHLY recommended for any kind of service. Thanks again and i will do business with you again by the time.


  9. Service ordered :

    1: 500 ascalonian dungeon totem
    2: 500 badges of honors in WVW

    It was done very quick, professionnal as usual. Thank you :)

  10. Got the MAP COMPLETION package. Was delivered in a timely manner, with good communication throughout. Thanks again! Would recommend to anyone.

  11. Fast, friendly and trusting service with the best rates around. Highly recommended. Thanks again. You're Awesome!

  12. Trustworthy and reliable people. They get the job done fast and keep me updated. Would recommend to anyone! Thank you.

  13. hey i have 99 percent map completion and just cant get the rest in WvW how much would it take to get it done??

  14. These guys are amazing! They leveled my warrior 3-80 and finish the world map in 4 days!! +rep for you guys! I will definitely use your services again. Thanks!

  15. Great seller fast power leveling got my ranger from lv 23-80 and my warrior from 63-80 within 24 hours will do business again thanks:D

  16. These guys are awesome! I bought 1 million karma service from them and they finish it in 9 days...and no gears or gold missing!! They are trustworthy and reliable people. Two thumbs up!

  17. Thx for Service!

    Very friendly, fast and trustfull trader! He did map complete in a very short time, and gave me update every 12 hours! Gold delivery works also very fast!

    Very good Trader! Thx a lot! =)

  18. Thanks alot for the gold guys!

    a good set of really nice guys that you can definitely trust. bought 3000 gold off of them for such an awesome deal! got it within 5 minutes and was smooth sailing from there!

    thanks again for assuring me that I can trust you guys! To anyone that has any questions, you can even message me personally 'Leonight Blace' in game gw2 name!

  19. These guys are the BEST! You can definitely trust them. While they did the map completion for me, there are 1300+gold on my account which is even valuable than the service charge. And they did an excellent job complete the map with everything untouched! Thank you again!

  20. I love these guys! I bought 1.1 million karma from them and armor smith and weapon smith crafting for my Twilight ..and they finish it fast! They always give me update and they are so very kind! Thumbs up for you guys! Thanks a lot!

  21. these guys are awesome and incredible fast. Did map completition for me at 83% to 99.9% in 24 hours

  22. mmorpgteam leveled my charr from 21-80 for just 6 hours and bought sunrise from them which i receive after 24 hours after they craft it. very very trusted sellers and traders ..would really recommend to everyone!

  23. Trustworthy people! Got my first legendary weapon from them through guild bank for a descent price! keep up the good work!